Wednesday, December 24, 2008


It's a sad day here at the Placemat. I just spent a busy day under a bleak sky and in the bitter cold. It was fulla stuffing bunches of well stacked boxes into a U-haul, followed by the winching of a worn white VW fitted with a sweet black car bra onto a trailer. I never wanted it to happen, but things must go forward!

Today, one of the biggest Placemaniacs of all time has officially packed up and hit the road for the great Northwest. That's right, Stu Spengy is no longer a part of the eastern seaboard. Those who've spent some time with this obtuse son of a bitch, know what we've lost. And those of you who haven't experienced the man and his full-on sideways, yet sound, logic are truly poorer for not having been subject to its rigors.

I wish the master of the corpse face, stacking shit, face-folding, spelling, ridiculous metal knowledge, mad modeling and painting skillz, as well as a giant in the realms of potato salad eating could live in my vicinity forever, but people gots to do what they needs ta do. So wish the boy luck as he heads West and infects Privateer with is brand of weirdness.

But he's not gone forever. No sir, not with the internetz! Be sure to stop by FACE DESTRUCTION SUICIDE and read about his adventures in apartment living without an oven. (how will the Red Baron pizza company stay in business?) I'm sure he'll deliver plenty of retarded stuff for folks to read.



Tyy said...

Dunno if we ever met in my trips out to M-land. But I just have to say...

Don't die of dysentery.

Chris Horse said...

GOOD JOURNEYS (accompanied by the forearm handshake).

Cohen the Sad said...

Hairy Monster weeps,
while the blades flash in the light,
there is much sadness.

Murphy said...

veerily ye will be missed most noble Stuart.

However, if you listen carefully I'm sure you'll be able to hear a faint rustlin of crumple bucks and the reassuring clickity clack blowing on the westerly winds!

I smell a rode trip...or just an unwashed Cohen!

Cohen is a Ramblin' Man said...

Most likely you smell both Murphatron. I'm down for a wild ride across the USA with a tent and sleeping bags to visit the STU-ART. Unshaven, unwashed, and armed to the teeth for justice.

Wordo said...

Fine, Stuart, steal my "Western-most-exile" title. See if I care.

You guard the Pacific for us now.

I'll keep an eye on Canada.

They'll never sneak up on us now...

Noyle of the North said...

Rub Aubin for me Stu!

You can't watch all of Canada. Sooner or later we'll find your weak spot.

Ack Ack Ack said...

If you goons haven't found the weak spot yet, there's no damn chance. It's not like the border spans the ENTIRE CONTINENT or anything. Slackers.