Wednesday, October 22, 2008


"For those motherfuckers who don't believe I just did that.
Watch this good shit."

What else is there to say? Rudy Ray Moore was just about the feyest, non-gay black man, but also the most badass Blaxploitation hero/Nasty Comedian of his time. He will live on forever, thanks to his amazing film legacy. Let's just hope that Fred Williamson doesn't eat it anytime soon. I'm not sure if my heart could withstand that loss as well.

Internets links to a sweet clip and a trailer from his more watchable films, along with probably the best supporting actor to appear alongside him.


rick smith said...

1:38 - The Human Tornado.

Nothin' beats a flying back kick to a runnin' cracka bitches!

kung fu cohen said...

Must own Human Tornado. Bad ass kenpo fighting in effect.

michelle said...

To Will's greatest delight, Black Caesar was on IFC last night. I don't know but that James Brown may be Hell Up in Harlem

Murphy said...

Black Caeser?!?! Awww Snap-a-dapple, tis a most crucial flick!

Chris Horse said...

This is the moment Blelvis has been waiting for!