Thursday, October 2, 2008


Stinging "debate" (biggest group of jammed together stump speeches ever!) observation time take two. This time Veeps! Woot! Wilmington, DE in the hizzouse yo! I'm surging in my pants!

Unfortunately nothing as obvious or awesome as John John's scratchy Sharpie popped up this time around (please keep using that sucker in the future McCain dawg!). But there was a sweet moment or two where Crazy Joe was audibly sighing into his mic.

Mainly, I just want to know who the hell that ANNOYING lady was in between the debating peoples. Jeeze, she was constantly asking questions and stuff and confusing me. And her desk was waaaaaaaay bigger! What gives? I mean you figure that crazy person (or drunk person, I mean check the sketchy tumbler to her right in the photo) would get the point when her questions fell on deaf ears/was told to politely shut the fuck up because I'm not here to answer questions - several times.

Moderators, more like bore-a-phyll!


Crazed ohen said...

Palin: -50. It was like a grade schooler debating the teacher. When she busted out the Reagan line: "ther you go again..." and the fact that everything she had ever done went back to AlasKa or the fact that we needed to address the Newqlar weapons... Epic Fail.

keam said...

palin improved her image by not wavering in front of the crowd. she was able to accomplish this because she was not held accountable for dodging every question. she just repeated a few memorized talking points and said Maverick 80 times. i almost screamed when she was asked about her achilles heel and answered by talking about why she is just like "you normal folks" and not about any area of improvement she has.

biden is dope, he gave a shout out to fucking claymont.

Ack Ack Ack said...

The repeated Claymont references brought me joy. But not enough joy, to yes, stop the yelling I was doing at the screen.

Bitch dodged everything, repeated canned lines, and the Mod just sat there. Now Fox-n-friends are besides themselves because she didn't pee on the rug or repeat some more ridiculous shit about the Alaska/Russia relationship.

So...praise her for...doing the bare minimum in terms of debating?
Hooray for for mediocrity.

Gold star for attendance!

Sarah Palin said...

Oh Golly, well Claymont can go fuck itself...don'tcha know.

michelle said...

As for Claymont: I had to be educated by the Thrilla. He blushed when Ol' Claymont was dropped. Biden is the shit.

Palin. A for walking upright and using tools.

WordO said...

Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story, donchyaknow! Oh, and Palin's accent is bullshit. Idahoes and Alaskans don't talk that way. She's faking it, or she's insane (the incessant winking points to insane). Hopefully she'll keep channeling "Fargo" to the point that she jumps in a wood chipper.

Good eyes on the tumbler, Ty. "Ifill it up with Scotch."

keam said...

the moderator did not challenge palin b/c she did not want to look biased. iffel has a book about obama/black politics coming out on innaugaration day....did i spell that shit right?

conservatives actually loved it b/c they knew that iffel would not be able to look like she was being unfair to palin or they would scream "LIBERAL MEDIA BIAS!!"

her is a tip to the people who set up the debates: pick moderators who do not write books about one of the two the candidates and plan to release it on said candidates first day in the white house. then the obvious conflict of interest would not get in the way of the debate

Ethan said...

Iffel was definitely a poor choice for moderator. But besides a dead Tim Russert and a drunken Scot Schwichow, I don't think there is much better choices out there. Jim Lehrer sounded like a grade school teacher when he did it.

Couldn't Biden give a shout out to anywhere better? I mean really, what percentage of the Claymont-sters do you think were even watching? Or are even registered to vote for that matter? 2 maybe 3 percent. Should shouted out Newark! "I was down at the East End Cafe listening to (insert shitty college hippie band name here) talking to the regular folks of Newark, DE..."

I'm really hoping for a Obama/Biden win, so a few years from now Hef can get Sarah Palin to pose for Playboy.