Thursday, December 3, 2009


Mr.T's FlavorWave Turbo is not a fever dream. He's gone the infomercial route in the hopes of achieving Forman Grill status and maybe to pick up a new van in the process. This shit is epic. The production is top to bottom hilarity: cuts to the near rapturous audience, breaking things, eating things, incredulous queries, saying Mmmm alot. Yeah. It's all in there.

The whole thing opens with Mr. Tureaud, our 57 year old hero,
busting through a door. While wearing a red shirt to honor the Kool Aid Man.

He looks a bit stunned afterwards. But triumphant nonetheless!

The crowd straight loses their shit. Especially that one grey hair.

After some cooking and stuff, the ladys busts out a cake
(not made in the turbo machine).
"It's not my Birffday!" Exclaims Laurence.

Well, it may not be his birffday, but that one grey hair think T should get some bling for his efforts.

Presto, the piece de la resistance.
A fucking FlavorWave gold medal. I can't deal with this.

Here's the real deal video. Favorite moments at 2:02, 3:03, and 5:20.

And, the inevitable mashups. This one is more aggro.
Breaking things and making demands are front and center.

This one is a bit more soulful, with a lovely chewing breakdown. Nice.


Jessica said...

I had a trio of Mr. T videos to post when I got home from work today. Sort of a Mr. T pastiche, if you will.

We are so in a fight now.

Ack Ack Ack said...

Bah. I win. Fight over.

Jessica said...



Hahaha. Mr. T rules.

A few weeks ago he was eating in the loop across the street from where Shannon works. Some people were taking pictures with him. Shannon didn't want to, so Mr. T did what he did best; told her to get over there to take a picture. Well demanded her to take a picture with him like only Mr. T could.

I fucking want a picture with Mr. T.

Sad to the max.

FaceMeltingDesigns said...

How could she ever know that Mr. T (a.k.a. a black guy) likes barbecue??? This reminds me of the SNL pasta maker infomercial where they promote the genocide of American Indians and say the holocaust was a joke.

This product somehow finds a way to make microwaved steak look like an acceptable eating choice.

Ack Ack Ack said...

T loves him Chicago. He's gotta live there by now, maybe return to his roots?

I'm sure you'll get a picture with him eventually. And shame on that girl for denying T his photo needs.

Ack Ack Ack said...

It's not microwaved steak E-dogg, it's TurboWaved. Totally different.

Remember back when Dave had one of these contraptions to heat up pizza? It was like a fan attached to an electric grill and lasers were involved somehow.

Anyway, if you cranked it too high, the Ellio's pizza squares would lift off and get airborn inside the wild tornado of heat. Good lunchtime memories at the Slobinson household between games of Epic.