Friday, December 4, 2009


I recall holding the box to the Aliens boardgame in my hands at some fleamarket as a kid and putting it back because I didn't have the 5 or 6 bucks the dude wanted for it. Instead I used that cash for a pizza lunch and some soda - because I didn't get soda as a kid unless I went out and bought it myself. And the desire to have liquid sugar in my system overtook the desire to own the board game version of an awesome movie. Of course it's valued at a couple hundred bucks now, but boy was that pizza great.

So, there's plenty of print and play zip files out there that I'll someday get and maybe invest the time to recreate the contents. Until then, there's a flash version that does the trick nicely. Great way to blow some time. And shoot some aliens in the face. And blow up that turd Burke.

Mechanics are Space Hulky to the max. Or is Space Hulk actually Aliensy to the max? Release dates point to a toss up since they were released the same year - 1989.


Anonymous said...

Remember back in college when you used to come up to my dorm room to play Alien 3 on my SNES (or Dark Tower or Atari Hockey)? I always knew you were coming because I could hear you jingling down the hallway. Good times.

Chris Horse said...

Oh man, Dark Tower still rocks. I've got that stuck on a shelf somewhere.

Murphy said...

Horse I gift you thusly:

Ack Ack Ack said...

You've got a Dark Tower sitting around and you don't use it? Plus a original Sprint in pieces? You are the great hoarder of things I desire. Jerk.