Thursday, July 30, 2009


Are you prepared for a horror such that you may never be able to sleep again? The answer is no! Feast your eyes upon and bare your soul to the most recent creepy critter to terrorize South American folks who simply love to play football in their living rooms and shoot mega-grainy videos of each other performing said acts of footballery. I bring you three studies in YouTube macabre and yound men screaming like 8 year old girls, the unbridled terror of... THE DUENDE!

Plus an old link to an article featured in the super trustworthy Sun concerning this terrifying phenomenon!


Chris Horse said...

It's the fucking garden gnome from travelocity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

And he walks like HE HAS A LOAD IN HIS PANTS.

Coach Cohen said...

It looks like someone's little brother in footie pajamas.

Ack Ack Ack said...

Gnomes are an all new terrifying force out to destroy the USA. Like killer bees.

Luckily I have a plan to humiliate them to the point where they just skip the US and go straight for Canada.

"The Devil" said...

I liked the video with the tiny guy running on the side of the house. The others were budget.

And I thought the same thing as Chris (which is the truly scary part to all this).