Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I went on a dollar store adventure last week and found many gems. These oceans of trash are a lovely snap shot of America's insatiable lust for stuff. I'll start with this crappy coloring book I dug up. I recall seeing this sucker years back when someone bought a copy for the office. Glad to see it's still circling the bowl with all the other junk I had to wade through to find it. Expect more fun Dollar Store Adventures in the future! But for now, enjoy Cap n friends' journeys through mystery.
The Wrecker takes on his deadliest enemy yet - a nondescript snake.
Thor prepares to recreate the infamous Evil Dead tree rape scene.

Cap is feeling a little "unfresh" today and doesn't feel up to trouncing this clown.
To cheer himself up, he gets Hank Pym to make him huge so he can piss on the UN building.

"Sir, I don't have time for this shit. Get up, you pussy."
"Thumbs up. I have plenty of time for this shit."

After a tough day of super heroing, Cap enjoys a dance session and some burning incense.
But like most days, it eventually all ends in a powerful shame spiral.


Murphy said...

Classic likey, lots.

Said coloring book reminds me of my own slapdash scribblings of Nightcrawler.

Although that Wrecker v. Snake is beyond crucial, better then anything I could muster in this lifetime or the next.

rick smith said...

i deleted my other comment. i'm not sure why.

Ack Ack Ack said...

Too much incense? Wrecker get you? Snake troubles? Shame spiral?

rick smith said...

probably the shame spiral.

(i remember the first time we perused this coloring book. and the pain from all the laughing.)

Jessica said...

Yey, shame spirals!

Ever notice that the people who really ought to descend down horrible shame spirals don't? Rush Limbaugh? Lindsay Lohan?

That is all. Return to your nerding.

JakeLandis said...

I feel like the incense doesn't look so much like incense. More like Cap got a new toy that gives facials. He is playing hard to get though.