Monday, August 17, 2009


Writing is hard. So, pictures, do your magic. Here's a small pile of images taken over the nerd week along with some text that no one will care about, but I feel compelled to post.

The legendary drinky guy attempted to re-create the previous year's feat of taking a full glass of booze with him out the bar door in his pocket, this time with just as awesome results. Awesomer though, when you consider the strategic placement of the fluids this time around. Earlier drinky guy threw and entire glass tumbler into a trash can (thus shattering it) instead of placing it back on the bar counter. Unfortunately he didn't utter his catch phrase "This sucks." while doing so. He instead saved the catch phrase for each of his delicious Wendy's salads.

The ever curious robot boy met up with Dany Divito in an unlikely encounter at the Italian restaurant. We didn't have the heart to tell him that it was a cardboard cut out. It was cute.

In his continuing search for human feelings and bolstered by his encounter with cardboard Divito, robot boy later tested out some Japanese boyband dude nipples. Again, he used his "pose with inanimate objects" stance and expression.

After a tough day, The Devil read up on the local boot fetish scene in Indianapolis and hunted the personal ads for a viable kidney donor/victim. Meanwhile Grandpa Munster took a brief nap on the giant ottoman in the lobby and displayed his junkmound in a attempt to ward off potential conversation with strangers and disciplinary action from cagey hotel managers.

Lastly, gaze upon the mighty barefooted amazitude that was our shit DM's bare fucking feet. Not only did the dude use fridge magnets to represent the monsters in the encounter, make up rules left and right, constantly ask if 27 hits out Will Defense (yes), curse at our character choices, belittle out character's stats, and run the adventure in the best non descript way possible (a guy jumps out of the water and attacks!) - he also ran the whole thing without fucking shoes on.


rick smith said...

I now hate D&D.


Murphy said...

It amazing that that picture is exactly how I view blur-o-vision!

Murphy said...

BTW, Is it me or is his big toe brown..? I'm so glad I didn't find out til after our game was finally over or else I woulda lost it.

In closing, FuckawendysinIndiana

Aimee said...

Was Zocchi there?

rick smith said...

Oh yes. And he was dressed as Colonel Sanders.

Ack Ack Ack said...

Truth. On feet and Lou.

Zocchi update in the works.

Anonymous said...

Oh I thought he just has on a pair of horrible looking hobbit feet over his sneakers. you should have had a +2 modifier on all your bare-footed monster rolls because of their toe cheese!

Chris Horse said...

Holy fuck.


Move out of your mom's basement already and get a girl.


I got nothing.

Wordo said...

If only the robot boy knew that his emotion chip can be found at the summit of the junkmound.

Oh, and Ty, I'm so proud of you: you hyphenated "re-create."

Aimee said...

It makes me happy that Col Zocchi was there. Makes me wish I'd asked you to score me some of his rad dice. Next year....