Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mosquitoes Out To Get Me

So yeah. I'm in the garden for like an hour ripping out dead Zucchini and such (curse you Borer Beetle) and I'm itchy and I know there's mosquiotes and all, but damn. After I took my shower, my body was a roadmap of bloodsuckery. I looked like a damn leper. And I was itchy for hours.

These bastard mosquitoes are some sorta critter from Asia that got here in friggin' used tires. Great. They're evil. And persistent. I go out back to check into my Kabocha for like 2 minutes, and I'm bitten all to shit. Another time, I go back to rinse something off with the hose and they follow me into the car so they can drain my precious blood while I drive. Maybe it's all the garlic I eat. Anyways, enjoy the photos documenting my pain. More to come, because mainly, I'm a danger to myself..


Cohen the Ravenous said...

Mosquitoes own you. I are back and drank Absinthe while I was in the big easy. Crazed dreams followed. Will tell all.

Beezer said...

Wow! Thanks for all those injury pics - we anxiously await the scab stage. Maybe a skinned knee will follow? Please, sweet Lord 8lb baby Jesus do not show the hemorrhoids photos. (Jerm)

You know that you are now part of the common people. Common people blog. That is so unlike you. (laura)

Aimee said...

Love the links, especially the bloodsucker one.

Ballfactory said...

Mosquitoes my ass, you got the muthafukkin HIV fgt.