Wednesday, August 13, 2008


That's right, all CAPS from now on in titles. Only shouting will do. So, this is old and stuff, but amusing none the less for any Flag fans out there. It was compiled by some goon with extra time on their hands. The hairdos of Black Flag as time passed and members rotated in and out. Robo has by far the most stylish dome of the bunch, do you not agree?

For the next few days expect only updates concerning D&D, Fat Flash, Indianapolis terror, alley dice games, and drunken Murphy.


Stuart Spengler said...

1985, first appearance of Hank's neck.

Kills me every time.

Ack Ack Ack said...

The time had come to get ripped.

Jessica said...

Greg's line reminds me of those evolution charts that show the ape evolving into a human that devolves back into a monkey.

Stuart Spengler said...

Robo is pretty good too. It reminds me of Peter Sarsgaard's tattoo of Val Kilmer in Salton Sea.