Sunday, August 10, 2008

I shouldn't be allowed to touch stuff.

Continuing the fun and skin related injury, here's a montage of this summer's burns. 1st is my stupid arm burn from picking up the lawn mower in order to drag it up some steps (longish story). I got a fresh picture of the burn like 30 minutes afterwards, then another where deliciously pale new skin is starting to grow in. Yummy. It's a nice scar now.
After that I managed to burn the hell out of my wrist on my painting lamp. The lamp calls for a 60 watt bulb and I have a 120 in there. So, I burned myself painting really lame Star Trek ships. I'm awesome. Ok, that's all the injuries I have for right now, but fear not! I have health insurance (ha ha Razorfish hat) now, so there's bound to be more blood.


Stuart Spengler said...

Ha ha ha!

Summer of PAIN!!!

Chris Horse said...

This wouldn't happen if you were wearing your patent long johns.

They protect everything.

katherine said...

I will forever think of this as your grease burn, rather than the nerd burn.