Saturday, August 16, 2008

3,2,1 - ALONE

ONE: Murphy starts drinking Jack and Cokes for hours and hours beginning at 2PM. Then he takes his trusty glass from the bar to the Warmachine tournament that starts at 9PM or so and runs until 1AM. Not an unusual thing for the man. He likes tumblers. See how happy he is?

TWO: After a pair of games, you can clearly see how awesome he's doing. Since Jack Daniels doesn't judge you, your sportsmanship, or painting ability, a plan begins to form in the man's alcohol addled brain.

THREE: Murph leaves the tournament calling it bullshit or something, leaving Shaffer to finish the tournament into the wee hours of the morning all alone. Shown here is Lobot, who watched for a bit and then also left Shaff to his fate. Johnny's a trooper.


Jessica said...

That picture of Murphy and his whiskey glass is poetic.

Murphy said...

That was a damn fine whiskey...sad to say the same couldn't be said about the tourney. I didn't even get to use my most crucial gatorman posse. Indeed, let it be known, I caught feelings and went back to the bar.

Rick Smith said...

Haha...catchin' feelings. I wish you could have hitched a ride in that sweet sweet pimped street machine Mr. Murphy.