Saturday, August 16, 2008


Do robots dream? After a fine meal of steak and potatoes and booze Ricky was feeling awfully full. Major bloat was setting in as the mounds of meat within began to cloud his vision. When threatened with a fork, normally a sure fire fear trigger, he seemed unable to defend himself. Disoriented, we manged to guide him to the hotel and a couch.

As you can see, the meats have won.


Stuart Spengler said...

Picture 1: Love the wrist burn.

Picture 2: It is like he is asking to be raped. Obviously Curren is not in that room.

Chris Horse said...

Last time I saw Rick he was like, 18, and a starving artist.

Amazing how far he has come.

Cohen the Ravenous said...

Oh I was there. The aftermath was horrific.

"The Devil" said...

I love seein' the robot kid so vulnerable! He needs more nights like these from being off that shelf. His parts will only stay so new.

Rick Smith said...

I have a nice, shapely ass. Mmmmmhmmmm.