Friday, June 26, 2009


Oh, man, bag toss is funny enough, but cornhole is way better. I remember seeing this game being actively played and advertised on a college campus when I went out to visit the E-dogg a few years back in Ohiiiiiiiiiiiiahhhhh. Go laugh at the site and it's giant images of bag tossing and cornholing.


Murphy said...

This is a game for pussies who can't throw quoits...just like horseshoes. Super g-a-y lame.

readwright said...

I'd only ever heard of cornholing in its proper form (you know, what happens to the weak ones in prison) until one day several years ago a woman I worked with posted a sign in the break area inviting everyone to her BBQ where, among other things, there'd be cornholing. Having never heard of the game, but also assuming she wasn't talking about organized games of group buttsecks, I still laughed so hard and had to steal her sign to show Chris. She got really mad when she realized her sign was gone, but no one ever knew I took it and another sign was put up the next day. So everybody won.

You should have Cornholing at your reception, Ty, just because it would be funny to say.

Beezer said...

I take it your order is in already for next year Sausage Fest?