Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Just a quick bit to say thanks to all the folks that attempted to phone my potential corpse last night.

Italian class pretty much took out any chance of us being on or near the metro wreck. So, hooray for foreign languages. Now we just hafta figure out a reliable way to get to work and stuff since it's all kablammo in the area at the moment. Current solution is me=Vespa, Jess=stay at home.


Chris Horse said...

Fuck your foriegner language class (just google the lyrics).

It was actually I - ME - that saved your ass.

Follow the physics:

I was going to call to see if you were OK. However, if you did not answer your phone there was a chance that you were already dead, innards spilled out on the third track.

Thus, much like Mr. S's cat, by not checking your state, you continued to not change state, thus staying alive.

I await your well worded thank-you.

Beezer said...

I don't know how he did it but somehow that made sense.

Ack Ack Ack said...

Unfortuantely that logic goes both ways (just like you ya fag!).

If I was in fact crushed to bits, I would have stayed crushed to bits because you couldn't be bothered to call me, and thus change my crushed to bits state.

Luckily, about 8 other people, real friends, realized my precarious position, that of being stuck between two states, and called me in order to make sure I did not suffer the crushed to bits fate.

You simply assumed too much and damned me in the process with your faulty logic. So, thanks for nothing jerk!

rick smith said...

We should put Chris in a box, with a Geiger counter and a flask and see what happens. Something? Nothing? Who knows!

At least he won't be able to post anymore.



You know in Chicago we can't be bothered by other states news. You know, our news is filled with how everyone in office is fucked and corrupt. Leaves no time for other stories!

"The Devil" said...

Rick, that's impossible. There is no box Chris can fit in. And the answer to your question (if in fact you DID find a box to fit him in)?

He'd get fatter by eating himself!

Chris Horse said...

I believe Drew is hinting at the singularity that I will become.


rick smith said...

Well, according to this,


Chris is halfway through his life cycle as a star. How does it feel to be a Red Supergiant Chris?

Chris Horse said...

Slightly bloated.

I feel bad about obliterating those three planets that orbited near me when I was younger.

Coach Cohen said...

Most people would have called them chicken processing plants rather than planets and would have said eaten rather than obliterated, but in your case I suppose it is acceptable.