Monday, November 3, 2008


What's more punx than a Hot Topic gift certificate and a faux-hawk? Being pals with Johnny Ramone's wife and lumping the words punk rock and conservative into the same sentence. Here's a sweet deep link to the exact spot of the offense committed by Meghan McCain within a YouTube video. (thanks for the code tip fatty boom batty!)

>>>>> AWESOME-VISION <<<<<

Nice try. I wish Johnny Ramone could come back to life and zombify lil' miss McCain. Hold on. Doesn't this basically mean that John McCain is an Anarchist by association? WIN! Thank you Fox and Friends. You once again do not fail to amuse. (Seriously, I watch it every morning in my Charlie Pants because it's an easy way to start the day with a smile)

Also, if you want to delve into something dark and dreary, check out the blog mentioned at the end of the video. Here's a special spot to a video entitled "Girl Power: The Video" on the blog where good ol' Piper pipes in with some more kiddie cuteness using her adowrable widdle vampire fang teef.


Jessica said...

That Charlie pants picture really does paint a picture...

"A" is as descriptive a word as I can muster at the moment.

Cat food for dinner!

Carnivorous Cohen said...

She's not a vampire. Obviously she's a baby walrus. This is so mommy can strap a laser tag vest to her when she's in the house and use her as moving target practice for her next environmental investigatory slaughter errr... trip to the remains of the Arctic. SMILE YOU BUCK TOOTHED SONUVA...!

Corrective Cohen said...

Updated for maximum effect with the new tricknology:
SMILE YOU BUCK-TOOTHED SUNOVA! Palin Stylee Hunting It makes me raff.

i gotta go lay down now said...





Stuart Speller said...

Ugh, this reminds me of some of the stuff Michale Graves (one of the Misfits' singers in the 90's, and yes, that IS how his stage name is spelled...) has said at times, being a punk-republican. The hypocrisy of that alliance is mind-blowing. Not quite as bad as Avenged Sevenfold since it is only one guy, but still.

Ack Ack Ack said...

I think Graves was a decent singer though.

readwright said...

Blink-182 are more punk rock than the Sex Pistols. So is Miley Cyrus. It's all about the hair. And the makeup. Like, duh.

ty said...

I dig Graves.

The sex pistols suck.

What, someone can't lean right and listen to punk? Thats hilarious.

Avenged sevenfold also suck.

keam said...

listening to megan mccain blather on about how proud she is reminded me of palins performance in an interview.

fox and friends has their tongue so far up every republicans ass, they can taste what was on the breakfast menu at the white house.

Ack Ack Ack said...

Ah yes, my Chicago doppleganger, a fine point. I meant nothing in the realm that it was funny she labeled punk as a conservative movement instead of a liberal movement. Trying to prove that either way would take some doing, which is what Stu was essentially pointing out.

Nor do I want to infer that you can't lean one way or the other and not dig the rock or live the life.

This was mainly 2 parts amusing to me. Part A, the person dropping the punk label. C'mon now. Hilarious. Punk rock is a silver spoon in your ass and hanging with Palin? Neigh.

Part B, the very notion that punk can be affixed to any of the existing parties. That's just silliness. Meghan needs to take a step back, erase the fact that she met a semi-Ramone from her brain and then continue to write books about her pops.

And the Sex Pistols have their part in history (though nowadays, it's just plain sad), you have to recognize that much. They did suck, that's the point.

But Fox and Friends is still the funniest show on TV. I stand by that!

ty said...

I was just referring to the previous comment about Graves, not about what you wrote good sire.

Punk is dead. Dead in the sense of the majority of the younger crowd that claim to be punk. It's nothing but suburban kids that play dress up, and look like fools. The same kids that took their image, the way they look at punk rock, and act, from the sex pistols (and later copycat bands). Which is one of the biggest reasons why I hate that side of punk.

All pretty much sums it up for me.

"Keep your politics out of my life
Your politics out of my way
Your politics out of my music"

Obviously a lot of punk does have political undertones. However it's what you take out of songs I suppose is what matters.

I could do without it.

Stuart Speller said...

In a way, right-leaning punks could be the most extreme extension of the 'punk' ethos. In a genre where most political views are generally left to begin, rebellion against the rebellion while you are in it is pretty damn ballsy.

The thing that got my goat about some of the things that Graves has said in the past is that he strikes me as being a bit shallow politically and most of his views and reasons for starting/being affiliated with Conservative Punk seem to be more in line with publicity rather than any sort of genuine concern.

If he had said/aligned himself with a viewpoint or group that actually made a bit of sense (as in logic, not any sort of left vs. right bickering), I wouldn't have a problem at all with the guy.

He is a hell of a singer though...

Chris Horse said...

The Clash said all that needs to be said about punk in '79:

"Punk rockers in the UK
They wont notice anyway
They're all too busy fighting
For a good place under the lighting"

Now, I'm partial to The Oppressed's call on Skinheads which seems to span all decades equally well:

"see him walking down the street
doctor martens on his feet
levi jeans, ben sherman shirt
fuck with him and you'll get hurt"

Of course, you won't see anyone sing about Teddy Boys, cuz they are dead 'ard and will fuck you up if you even think about looking at them.

In summation, put on a skinny tie and call yourself New Wave, cuz you can buy it all at Wal-mart.

Ack Ack Ack said...

And so, the flying fat man ends all discussion. The spice will continue to flow.

Stuart Speller said...

Teddy Grahams were delicious.

Anonymous said...

the ramones are about as punk as the sweat dripping off my nutsack. give me a break. you can't be republican and be a punk because you are one of two things, a crusty rich old white dude, or a hillbilly that has his his head shoved up his ass with an american (or confederate) flag, neither of which are very punk. the fact is, tommy ramone was a right wing nut job because he didn't want to do his part and pay taxes on the millions he made of his image of being a punk.

p.s. i would still bang sarah palin and meghan mccain in some nasty conservative threeway action.