Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am completely ignorant of the Insane Clown Posse. I only learned what a Juggalo was about 2 years ago. I was happy before I knew this term and of them and their goofy world and the redonkadonk number of Juggalos out there. I try to go on with what tattered remnants of a soul that I have left.

Anywho, I hit upon this video by them entitled "Miracles". And I am floored. Upon watching and listening to the heavy, way deep, meaningful, life changing lyrics, I find myself confused. Are they putting for the notion of "Fuck science and shit" or is it "Science can blow me and shit, stuff happens and that's that", or perhaps "Magic is everywhere and science is shitty an' shit"? I have no real clue. It matters not.

Lyrics and deep meaning aside, this video encompasses everything I look for and love in a music video. These being:

A: One completely ridiculous concept.
B: A nonexistent budget.
C: A huge idea that can never be fulfilled by the budget.
D: Dudes in makeup.
E: Eventual space travel.
F: Childbirth allusions.
G: Fuckin' rainbows.
H: Most importantly, instilling a sense of complete confusion in the viewer.

Here are some great quotes and items to look for:

1. "Music is all magic. You can't even hold it. It's just there in the air."
2. "Crows! Ghosts!"
3. The dude's kids in make-up. One of them gives us a coy look that chills me.
4. "Fuckin' rainbows after it rains."
5. Oh man, #5 is so good. So good it gets +51 to it's THAC0.
56. "How the fuck do magnets work?"
7. "I seen shit that'll shock your eyelids"
8. "Pure motha fuckin' magic"
9. Deep thinkin' clown faced guy.

It's worth trolling through the comments on youtube itself. There are some gems. Like "Green screens, how the fuck do they work?!"

Don't feel like watching the whole video? Fine be a quitter and continue to suck. But, please redeem yourself a wee bit and hit this deep link to the finest line in the whole video that comes after all the other good parts:


Jessica said...


Chris Horse said...

Indeed, 'how the fuck does it work' is now THE internet meme of choice.

Ignorance is awesome! Fuck that science shit. Magic makes the TV work.

Coach Cohen said...

ICP in the hizzouse!

Coach Cohen said...

They were all horrorcore and darkness for 6 albums or so and hooked all these kids into their schtick. Lots of folks with tats of ICP in that crowd. Then, in their last album, The Wraith which was end of their Joker Cards series, they flipped the script and came on all hardcore for Jesus. No kidding. It was all about warning you of the dangers of Hell and they were all about the big baby Jesus. Oh and they pro-wrestled too.

Jessica said...

I'm concerned by how much Curren knows about the evolution of the Insane Clown Posse.

Coach Cohen said...

Blame our man Dot Barthos, he inflicted them upon me originally.

Aimee said...

GAH! I had never heard of Juggalos (and don't forget the Juggalettes) until I read this post. I knew the Insane Clown Posse were horrorcore/rap weirdos who wore makeup (I think one or both may have had dreads back in the day) but I had no knowledge of how truly terrible they are until you made me watch that video. I had never heard any of their songs until now.

My brain is about to explode from thinking about them. I think your plan was to force me to learn about ICP, make my brain explode, and then share the insurance payout Chris gets when I die. I see you and Jess and Chris on a boat somewhere in the Caribbean. That's some fucked up shit.

Jessica said...

Not as fucked up as scientists!

Coach Cohen said...

Just keeps giving. 1:14 is my high point - "He ran away!"

Dot said...

aw, comeon, some of their shit is way funny.

and they had a feud with eminem, and they have a bitchin bus and they did a song with snoop dog and another with the ODB.

Though there is another that knows much more...

oh, and i did go to a show with kaiser, chad, rosemongo, i was the only dude that hit the pit, fear me frat fools! represent!!!

and i know you'll be at their show on the 20th of this very month.

JakeLandis said...

Wow! So gay. If eminem needs some ammo he needs only to watch this video.

Ps. When dwayne was a bouncer he punched out Volient J's front teeth. It makes me happy.

Chris Horse said...

Not sure if anyone will ever see this but:

Coach Cohen said...

I just keep coming back. It makes me laugh consistently. "Magic everywhere in this bitch!"