Friday, February 26, 2010


So, it took me a few minutes to put together the name Koenig being tossed around when the news ticker thing at the bottom of the screen was going on about a lost actor in Vancouver. Then said actor was found dead today and it all clicked. Boner Stabone was a Koenig. Checkov is a Koenig. Eureka. The double shock of learning that all these years, my favorite stereotypical Whop from "Unser Lautes Heim" was all along the spawn of a goofy Star Trek Ensign was mighty. And now he's gone. I leaned something, then got sad for learning. No more learning for me.

See, he likes Pizza.

He like Veetza too.

He stopped praying when he learned it was a suicide.
Maybe a quick round of Left Behind will quiet the demons in your head K-dogg.

And to round it out, a pile of stupid Star Trek YTMNDs, mostly Epic Maneuvers, to help the pain go away. (Looks like they got interstitial ads now....suck)


Chris Horse said...

Clinical depression is a bitch.

I can't even make a good joke out of it.

"The Devil" said...

I'd be depressed to if the only character I was know best for was named Boner. Poor bastard.