Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Here's some random shots of the snow that crippled/is crippling DC. It's been about a week of straight wind and snow and power outages and internet disruption and no cable and shoveling. Plus there's a crummy time progression showing the storms' accumulation.

When the 1st round of snow was over, I had to dig out the damn garage just to open the door. No sense in wasting away indoors. So I proceeded to disrupt the serene Winter wonderland with 3 hours of hot grinder on metal action in order to strip the paint of my Vespa project. I was a little deafened in one ear for the rest of the night and a little ill, having breathed in too much 40 year old paint dust, despite my mask.

We ventured out for the ingredients of our Sunday gravy during the tail end of the 1st storm. Went into the downtown of our little town, then struck out a mile or so to the closest grocery store in hopes that it was open. Luckily, it was, and making that vat of sauce was the best decision ever. Roads were trashed and plows were few. Everything was bleak and quiet. Snowpocalypse indeed.

Here's the view from what has become my new work from home office. There's like 1.5 feet on the crap on the roof alone. I ain't complaining too hard. Though the joys of being able to work from home faded as I discovered I had no reason to simply ass off all day like the rest of the world. I have shit to do that has to meet a deadline. Except during the many internet outages, wherein I assembled stupid little models.

At this point I cleared off my car completely. It took an hour to dig it out and create a path to move forward. But, persistence paid off. So I went out for a drive, carefully stuffing trashcans in my hard earned spot so no thieving bastards could sneak it. The roads were doable, but people were retarded to the max. Cars with 3 feet of snow still on the roof, cell phone gabbers galore, center of two lane drivers, hell I even saw some daredevil douche on a scooter. I assume he's dead now. But, the point is I cleared off the car and its surrounding area completely. Then the 2nd storm showed up and ruined my cable reception for the Man U game I was hoping they'd lose. Check the car behind me. It's gone.

Anywho, we survived just fine, no big deal. I got tons done. I only regret not owning a sled. But if I had one of those I wouldn't have gotten anything done.


Chris Horse said...

My sledding hill has gotten mass use this year. I now fully understand how awesome snow is as a kid and how much it sucks being the lone adult to shovel out a few hundred snow of snow pilled five foot high in some place.


At least it only happens once in a blue moon. I'll miss it come July when it's a bazillion degrees and now air conditioning!

Anonymous said...

I shall now proceed to gloat...

Our new place is in a development where not only do they immediately plow all the roads but they also plow your driveway AND shovel your walk, right up to the door. The owners of the house pay for this in their dues or whatever (for which we pay nothing), while Chris and I sit back and look out of our huge picture windows as the blizzard rages in the woods behind our house. Couple that with a two car garage that protects our car so we don't have to dig the sucker out. Also, there is a wicked-steep hill that leads to the woods behind our house but alas we own no sled either. This will be remedied before the next storm on Monday, if we can find a sled somewhere.

I saw so many people with huge amounts of snow on the roofs of their cars; I shudder to think about being behind those guys on the highway when the wind finally unleashes a wall of snow-death on the unsuspecting person behind them. Sorry you bought an SUV and it's hard to reach the snow on your car's roof, but that don't mean you do not have to remove it. Jerk offs.

P.S. Your wifey looks too cute in her winter gear, but she's so tiny make sure you don't lose her in a snow drift!

"The Devil" said...

MY SPINE! Shoveling has all but killed me. Is there no end to this horrid winter wonderland? At least my work was closed for 2 days.

Ack Ack Ack said...

Yay Snow!