Thursday, September 11, 2008


After reviewing that mostly crummy film "Crazy People" in my mind whilst staring out the window today, I thought how awesome it woulda been to be an TV ad guy back in the 80s. (But not as Dudley Moore, I still want to be me.) Oh, the ridiculous products and toys that were available and NEEDED commercials.

Scenario: It's just another Thursday on the job at Giant Fifites Maxximum Adver-TY-zing 2000 (heck yeah I own the place) and the latest-hottest-richest client wanting to throw money at me prepares to present their pitch to me.

80's Business Dude:
"There are these cookies with faces on them and two kinds of creme inside and we have a dark colored cookie too and the faces are totally funny and you won't believe how good it tastes."

80's Me: Fuck yeah, get me some kids, these bodacious cookies you speak of, 5 canisters of laughing gas, and bang (I make the gun fingers motion x2) - "Let's shoot this fucker."

(one free thigh dance for the person who can place the quote I just used to emphasize my film directing prowess in this daydream. [See, I can use this particular quote and think of it as a quote in my head during 1980 whatever because I time traveled to this point in fake history.]{Actually that 's why I'm so successful as an ad guy, because I time traveled and used all the good ideas from the future, like Dip'n Dots and Squagels.}.)

Watch my commercial here. Then, if you're still around and still in control of you bodily functions, view it's less run, but equally effective sister commercial here.

CLUE: This was all just an excuse to post a link to two commercials, which I thought were ridiculous - even as a dumb kid.


KEAM said...

those commercials make me want to go back in time in your machine to kill myself in 1979 so that i do not hve to expereince the 80's

Anonymous said...

Martin Landau in 'Ed Wood'.

And I want a good thigh dance too. No just going through the motions.

Ack Ack Ack said...

Indeed! Just one of my favorite parts of Ed Wood.

I'll take the stairs (6 flights) every day in order to build up my thigh muscles for maximum thigh density.