Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Every once in a while I'll be watching a movie or whatever and something will click in my head after an actor says a line - and BAM! - a Ministry reference happens. You know, like when you watch Full Metal Jacket, and think of the song "Thieves". It's like deja vu.

Anyway, during lunch/work, I was watching a film called "The Violent Years" that got the MST3K treatment. And next thing I know, the entire bit from "So What" is going down. Including the so what refrain itself. Another wee piece of the puzzle falls into place within my brain. Hooray.

(The picture above shows the point where the evil teens says: "So what".)

Here's a youtube clip link. Go to 8:30, where a chunk of the speech was lifted from. Non Ministry fans might simply enjoy the MST3K bit as it was a good episode.


Beezer said...

Your soft, decadent western ways will be the end of us


Chris Horse said...

Holllleee sheeeit!

My favorite Ministry song to boot.

I commend your find.

A+, would watch again.

Rick Smith said...

"Piling one thrill on another...until..."

Well, you know the rest. And if you don't:


Nice find dude.

The Indian said...

what did scientists do to remove the "torpedo tits" gene from humanity?

Curse them, curse them all!

Now, in going to look for the movie clip, i decided to look for a Ministry clip, I like N.W.O. so I typed in Ministry and found something quite disturbing on the promoted videos list on the right hand side, it also appeared when I typed in Judas Priest, but not Metallica, Slayer, Christmas or Jesus.

Go head and give it a try and see what you see.

Ack Ack Ack said...

Ministry = Scientology?