Monday, May 9, 2011


After two determined days of digging (in sessions a week apart to help heal all injuries) the garden plot is looking real nice. It's easily double what I used to have. Thanks to the old lady and our Cuban mercenary, the plot took half the time it woulda all by my lonesome. There's still lots of roots and crap to sort out, but the majority of the heavy lifting is behind me. Due to the lack of bloodthirsty bastard mosquitoes, this garden should be less scary to tend too. Now to figure out what to plant and stuff.

First one to send me a Garden Yeti wins a framed, autographed photo of yous truly in a saucy dress.


Murphy said...

I don't do Garden yetis..however perhaps a Garden Gorillian is in your future.

Anonymous said...

looks like a nice bocce ball rink. Even got a backboard on it!

I Yam Teh Lawr said...

BWA-HA-HA! Who knows what har lurks on the backs of men... the Cohen knows.