Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Another sweet missive from a robot. (click to read)
Yeah! Junkmail rules!


Chris Horse said...

I get spam for hip replacements and the scooter store.

I am not that old or fat. Yet.

Chris Horse said...

I had placed a comment here and days later it was gone.


Anonymous said...

I pray for your comment.

Ack Ack Ack said...

For some reason, the "Preview" button is in the spot I'd want "Publish". So you may have "sent" it in your brain, but not in reality.

I do this weekly.

Anonymous said...

I seen Horse's published comment. Then I unseen it a few days later. I then threw myself through a plate glass window to see if I was on the other side. I wasn't. Now there's no going back. I park my car in darkened alleyways, turn-off the headlights and wait for plate glass delivery trucks to drive by my perch. One of them will have me on the other side. I will be whole again soon. I hope to return with a sack full of comments.