Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I generally go to Acon to hang out with old pals, be a giant nerd, and play in a Lord of the Rings tournament. As you can see from the grainy photo above, it's blistering excitement. My first day started out great with a super nice dude who was pleasant and fun to roll dice against. He made a few mistakes, but mostly I had some hot dice and a wicked Nazgul chewing dudes up like candy. I was off and running to a fine beginning.

Which soon ended! Next some dude's Fiefdom army pert much crushed my poor little mans. Shot above shows the high hopes my army had for 10 minutes or so. The guy eventually won the event, so at least there's that. The scenario had the worst extra rule bit out of all the rules bits in all the scenarios ever written for this game. A frustrating little 4+ die roll that seems just plain impossible to make. It was out if my reach for sure. And it just went bad after that... Getting slaughtered isn't the funnest thing, but the dice straight abandoned me during this game. I settled in and laughed off the fact that 2 models made it out alive. Such is life!

The next game was a bit more fun and challenging. The kid was unassuming and quiet. Had to laugh when he asked what classes I was taking now. So I asked how old he thought I was, and to keep in mind that I'm old. He pegged me at 23. Har. I'm agin' pretty well playing this Peter Pan bullshit.

But the kid was a straight math killer. And a pilot of some sort, so I guess it makes sense. Dude had his army dialed, the total opposite of my situation given that it was the 3rd time I had ever used my force. It was super fun and light hearted. I even threw in quick lightning round turn at the end so he could get the victory he deserved, even though I coulda called it a game and taken the points. Just a good time had there.

In the end I picked up the one nerdy thing I desired most at this and all such events. Best army. (upside down photo courtesy of exhaustion.) Sure it's not the toughest award to collect in this smaller field of competitors, but I certainly put some effort into earning it. My twisted, humped back stands as proof to the hours I spent in pursuit of this sad sad accolade. Sadly it looks like picking this up on Friday went against winning the same award for the team tournament the next day. Anyway, it was a full 10 hour gaming day preceded by a tiring, restless evening - at the end of this sucker I was pretty drained.

Lucky I had a super sexy manly man to relax with, talk gossip, and trade secrets with later that evening.

- Acon 2011 fun blog edition.


Chris Horse said...

Does your wife know you engage in these type of activities?

Just looking at these photos gives me the vapors.

Ack Ack Ack said...

Know about it? If Jakey's involved, she'd join in.

Anonymous said...

Oi! Congratulations on the 'Best Army'-award. I say you magnetize the whole thing and put it on the fridge...or, better yet, put it on a hinge with a metal nubbins on the back and use it as a door knocker to your haaouuse. Although, one day, you should make an 'art vespa' by little-mansing-up a scooter...with the 'Best Army' plaque lit-up on the prow.

I Yam The Lawr! said...

The law is pleased by this.

saffrons12 said...

This Lord of the Rings game sounds interesting. Sadly, I didn't even know it existed. Is it like D&D meets Risk? Next time we see you Northerly folks, will you teach?