Tuesday, April 5, 2011


One of the more amusing (at least to me and other scam-n-flip on eBay folks) aspects of this dork event called Acon is the late night "bits trade". Basically everyone empties out their closet of unwanted junk and tries to either trade for new junk or just straight sell the shit. They take over any empty table space, corner and hallway to create an insane-o gamer fleamarket.

It springs up out of nowhere and throngs of nerds clamor for the best bargain. The haggling is often quite amusing, though it can get dickish pretty quick with the wrong folks. It's a big live action eBay grab fest, but themed to carry some of my favorite dorky models n' things.

The original spirit is still there, though some take it a bit far and essentially open mini-stores. Going so far as to buy big lots from one dude, then walking 10 feet to a new table and selling it at a mark up. All's fair I suppose.

Personally, I love fleamarkets and stuff like this. The sad giddy thrill of overturning some crap pile and unearthing some gem from years past. So I wander about and hope to maybe find a Rogue Trader era Ork in power armor or maybe some goofy ass miniature from when I was younger. And of course the odd rare/valuable bit of lead that can help fund the trip in the first place...

I've one guaranteed compatriot in this venture at this specific convention. He's the Chicago version of myself, down to the name even. Though he is way more vested in this grab and sell adventure than me. And quite good at it too. But, it's always nice to get a call from Chi Ty sayin' there's some ancient stuff I just gots ta check out on the other side of the hall.

So, the end of this long winded missive (phone blog capability is dangerous stuff) is to simply point out that I scored some totally sweet old ass style epic scale Orks, Chaos, and Imperial Titan heads and weapons. Yeah!

- Acon 2011 fun blog edition.

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