Wednesday, January 12, 2011



"The Devil" said...

Is that the album cover? If so I really dig it.

Chris Horse said...


Didn't anyone tell them punk was dead?

Ack Ack Ack said...

1. Not the cover, just the name of the album. Snagged the title from an old book (pictured) that kooky ol' Lovecraft yoinked for his mythos as well. Yay!

2. You bastard! They can do whatever they want GoGo. Given where they came from, the amount of different bands they have formed since/are still rockin' in today, and the support they continue to lend to the Philly scene. This is not a case of ancient dudes reaching for a money grab. They truly enjoy writing/playing songs.

Chris Horse said...

Aren't they a bit old for teen angst?

Ack Ack Ack said...

Alright Trolly McTrollenstein.

There's an age limit now? So are you all set to come down on They Might Be Giants, Joe fucking Strummer, or say, The Jam, for their late and ongoing career efforts? Have you even listened to the later Milkmen albums?

Seems to me, these guys are just as angry as a certain dude who lives in a house upon a hill that types informative, yet angsty blogs on the state of things in the country. Except when they get a bug up their ass, they take to a live audience in an attempt to influence humans in a face to face manner. No way is wrong, as both are cathartic for the creator(s).

Anyway, of all the bands to attack, this just ain't the one to ply the tired "xxxx is dead" statement upon. Rotten doing Pistols shows, yes. Milkmen, no way. Do some research.