Friday, July 23, 2010

WOW, THAT'S DULL. or $$$

Of all the choices arrayed before Del Torro after he left the Hobbit (sad panda), he goes and chooses to do a movie based on Disney's Haunted House? Whaaaa? Sure, that ride is the only way you could ever drag me to the most magical place on Earth for an hour - but a movie? That's some highly disappointing news, given his ability to create and tell some sweet macabre fiction. There's no way he's going to fit a child gut-shot or wine bottle face beating in there. And wasn't this film already released, like 5 years ago only to bomb hard? Man. Comicon is off to a swell start. Bleh!


Anonymous said...

I wonder when the next failed adaptation of Shirley Jackson's 'Haunting of Hill House' will be attempted. Until then, give us Hell, Disney!!

Chris Horse said...

Wait, will this star Eddie Murphy, again?