Friday, July 23, 2010


Negative Nelly took a backseat on Comicon news for a moment when I came across this arty gem. Rocket Raccoon and the tree dude named Groot drawn by Mignola. Of course Mignola's only doing the one visual thing he seems capable of nowadays - a cover. Inside art etc, by other folks. Fun.

But, Neagative Nelly then reappeared when the list of big Marvel stuff for the upcoming year was shown off. Pretty much Captain America vs: Hydra, Your Mom, Breakfast, Thor, Literacy, Thor's Breakfast. Oh and some Thor books vs. stuff too. Can you guess which movies Marvel is trying to pump up? What happened to just telling fun stories? It's giant movie/event book machine now. Bleehck!

On them films. Captain America might be fun if they stick to WWII and blasting Nazi superscience junk. I could do with Red Skull zapping Sherman's to dust with a giant green lazzzzer (with swastika accessory). Thor I could care less about. He's too out there to jam into the universe they're trying to build. Plus it doesn't star the Barbarian Brothers in any way. Whedon on The Avengers film sounds potentially promising as he is smart and stuff. But seeing all those heroes in a room, in spandex, live on screen is going to be some goofy shit.

The main Walking Dead stuff is today, at least that hasn't crushed my dreams yet. The poster is great.


Anonymous said...

When Anonymous was but wee, he tracked-down the Rocket Raccoon 4-part series to a fire hazard comic dungeon in Columbia. He pictured the proprietor rolling-around and bathing in the fallen towers of back issue comics Baron Harkonnen's blood times.

Chris Horse said...

Re: Thor.




"The Devil" said...

I don't know about any old movie, but Rocket Raccoon and Groot are the best things about the new Guardians of the Galaxy. Now, if they could only get ROM involved. CURSE YOU MILTON BRADLEY AND YOUR COPYRIGHT LAWS!