Friday, April 16, 2010


Why won't FOXNews just go away?
Foxy truth.

It's fucking frightening the level of pure ignorance, division, fact distortion, "truthiness" and hate that this channel promotes as unbiased news.

The real world.

The Daily Show picked an easy piece of Foxy propaganda to make fun of - easy given that it's so ludicrous. That's the point I guess. But why is this junk being broadcast in the 1st place? They know full well how damaging and completely untrue such "news" is. Yet it persists, 24/7. One phone call. One. Or 5 minutes on the interwebs and the answer to this particular piece of insanity is laid bare. And I believe most Foxy Facts fall into this realm of willfully distributed faux truths.

I know this is nothing new. But it still amazes me on a day to day basis that it can actually exist and that some folks really believe this complete shit. It hurts my mind. Anyways, Stewart and friends made it a fun as they applied Fox's own corrosive logic onto itself.

Catch the full video (with awesome John Oliver cameo) here.


saffrons12 said...
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saffrons12 said...

I would only be lured to the fox"news" in the event that their broadcasts were solely dedicated to the scandalous and devious behaviour of this fox. Otherwise, no dice.

Chris Horse said...

Jon has some of the most awesome staff in history of showbiz to pull this together. Matched with his delivery, there are few shows out there that are as intelligent.

As such I am continually amazed it remains on air.

Jessica said...

More John Olivah!

Horse, I think the only reason it's still on the air is that it's on Comedy Central. Can you imagine this much truthiness on a "news" network?