Monday, February 2, 2009


Dug up these neato pencil to ink to color images from Hellboy Darkness Calls along with a big wordy bit on Dark Horse whilst searching for ways to remove sibilance from audio. It was on Apple's site. (hooray vagaries of the internet) There's a rad production profile that runs down just how much work Mignola used to do when he did Hellboy on his own. But now that he has superhuman sketch/ink dude Duncan Fegredo and what appears to be the only colorist left in the Dark Horse universe - Dave Stewart - at his command, ol' Mikey just has to crank out 20 some pages of word balloons a month. Good deal!

So long as the books keep coming out monthly, and looking this great - I really don't really care. In fact I think Fegredo is probably a little bit better than his Master at this point.

Article can be found here.


Chris Horse said...

Hellboy is fun.

If you have not read a Hellboy graphic novel, I heartily recommend that one do so.

I give it two thumbs up.

rick smith said...

At least he's still doing covers. I wish he'd do all of it - from start to finish, like the old days. And what ever happened to Amazing Screw-On Head?

Wordo said...

Huh. I'm surprised that they scan in their line art.

I figured that everything would be done on Wacoms by now.

For once, Go-Go speaks wisdom.