Monday, February 9, 2009


So I finally subjected myself to a viewing of this LA cult hit film thing called The Room. I had heard about it on the webz, but never pursued the acquisition of it on DVD or even a general viewing. Unlike other such schlock cinema as Bulletproof and Hider In The House (which I had to get from a Region 2 DVD and reburn to Region 1) - which were a bit of work to pick up. But those films were all about Busey. So there's that. Anyways, I was mainly turned off of The Room by:

1. LA
2. It's taken on a Rocky Horror type following in the theatres
3. It was featured in Entertainment Weekly
4. It didn't have monsters or lasers or any other type of that junk
5. No Gary Busey

However, this film came to me highly recomended by Mr. Waters, my main broheimus of 20 some years. This is the guy who willingly suffered through Manos The Hands of Fate when it 1st hit the airwaves, snuck into countless R films with me during our tweens, and suffered through too many other shit films to mention during the college years instead of working on our respective degrees. How could I say no?

So he sat me down and popped it in. He prefaced that it is best to watch this interview with director/star Tommy Wiseau before starting the film. He's a cross between a 600 year old vampire and a mildly retarded person who laughs at everything as part of an uncontrollable tic. The interview alone is fucking priceless. This guy is a gem. Re-dubbed voices, film jumps, preposerous logos, and inane questions galore. It seemed like a fake, like something Tim and Eric would do. But apparently it's all the real deal. Though I still feel in my gut like it's a big joke put on by some smart rich bastard with a bunch of start up money.

So, here's a slew of clips culled from the pits of YouTube so you too can bask in the garbage, but not have to lose a piece of your soul watching the whole thing. Though you do miss out on seeing the homeless street urchin kid character named Denny, the creepiest/best dude of the film. He should be the sole subject of the sequel: Denny's Rampage - A drug addled streetchild turned architect's dream of a vampire cruelty-free world.

This clip is super short and sums up the quality you can expect. It also features a bewildering array of emotions. Also, it features the super cool roof stairway that is really some plywood painted to look like concrete and has no stairs and doesn't go anywhere.

Here we see our Vampire hero getting some flowers for his evil potato faced girlfriend. All you need to know is, "You're my favorite customer."

In this lengthy romp, some brave soul compiled every instance of Tommy Wiseau's laugh, then his crazy downfall at the end of the film. He does this creepy little laugh all the time and it's quite ridiculous to boot. I've taken to imitating it. Help me.


Jessica said...

There were a few moments there when I thought I was gonna be subjected to Ol' Righty again.

Wordo said...

What is your secret, Ty, to finding semi-obscure shit like this?

Do you have some kind of insane-o-vision divining rod?

Cohen the Accepting said...

What's wrong with him? He seems like a normal guy. "Hi doggie!"

Murphy said...

Please give us WWII Germans, Gordon Lightfoot, crazy Japanese monsters or some such instead of this complete & utter wackness. Shit I'd even settle for a Man Utd update...shudder, shudder.

Ack Ack Ack said...

Wordo: As mentioned, I dug this up via other equally fucked people.

Cohen: There is nothing not wrong with this guy. Seriously. Have you gone retarded?

Murph: You request has been filled.

Scot said...

that guy is not tommy wesiman (or however the hell you spell it) it is actually glenn danzig after he stopped taking steroids.

Anonymous said...

They will show The Room in New York March 20, 2009 and it will be showing in Los Angeles in February 28, 2009; " Hi dogeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"