Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The beginning-ish of snowmageddon 2011.

So yeah, it snows in Winter. I get it. I got it. Grew up on the East Coast, I understand it. So how come there are people driving around in snow encrusted cars, attempting to climb steep icy hills mid-storm, hitting snowbanks, and flooring it to get more traction - up here in New England? Seems crazy. They can't all be transplants from sunny Florida. It snows more here, buy some tires that aren't from Wham-O. I get that there are circumstances out of your control. But if you choose to climb a hill, then fail and slide backwards into a snowbank - when all you had to do was take another street to avoid all this - I got no pity.


Bile aside, the snow has been steady, near weekly. Seems to be a Wednesday phenomenon as I've made several trips to the comic store during blizzard conditions. (my car roof/windows/doors/hood were completely free of snow and I have decent tires - I practice what I preach) I've enjoyed it quite a bit, minus the constant shoveling. Coming from a region that crushes all snow within 24 hours (due to non- sub 32 temps, not the famously inept DC snow clearance crews) and moving to a land where it piles up and hangs out has been nice. But my perspective may certainly be biased given that my commute consists of a few steps from bed to computer. It snows, I type, I smile. No power outage either thus far. Amazing.

Perty nighttimes descend.

There have been several cycles of storms, each in the 6-12 or 18" range. I get to kick back, burn stuff in a fireplace, all while it snows against the windows soothes my brain. I can totally dig it.

Here's a round up of the snow thus far in images that I captured here and there over the past months. Plus some bonus slip n' slide car action caught from where I sit all day. My creepy peepy perch if you will.

Kids love to shovel.

The stairs are gone.

The plows aren't helping.

Snowcapades begin!

Stop going up the hill!

Reverse is your best bet at this point.

See, kids love to shovel.


Chris Horse said...

Snow is great, when you can work from home.


Though are few better phenomenas of the human experience than a good snow outside and a blazing wood stove inside.

That is nirvana.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to think that those 5 armature children made the journey to your house, climbed the walls to the second floor and froze to death outside your window while seeking-out the last vestige of suburban heat...and knowledge.

And you just sat there and watched...and then took pictures as the sun set on their cold wooden arses. Remember,'toys are very loyal, and that is a fact.' Messing with the wrong toys could summon an elderly British couple with a penchant for reanimation.

But, no. I guess those characters are inside; and potentially saving you from the divine wind of confused avian Ack Ack Ack fans.

Now then.

I want to see some snow angels with nipple tassles -- Get to work!

Fiend Without A Face said...

Snow party tonight!

We've got nothing better to do
Than watch Fox News and have a couple of yerba mates.