Monday, March 21, 2011


Yes, we have brought the cardbord and tempera.

An oldie, but a goodie. Turkish Star Wars! I was cleaning out some old folders and found some choice screen caps I took ages ago from this chunkfest of a film. (If you have time to kill, and I mean kill, then check it out.) It's a fantastic mishmash of spliced footage and sounds from all sortsa movies, bloodthirsty muppets, jumps to defy imagination, tinfoil, frisbees, and almost no dancing. Google away and you can find the full film out there streaming. I, sadly, actually bought a physical DVD bootleg version with real money. It's around here somewheres...

But, the important thing is that there's is a whole lot of face crushing in this puppy. Even children are not safe from the cranium compression!

Well, feed them sandwiches and see if then un-skeleton.

Oh losers, when will you learn? Let the crushing begin.


I know there's a coin behind your eyes damn it!


Anonymous said...

In the fuuuture, paper football will be played with your adversary's nose.

Chris Horse said...

Are you SURE this wasn't a Games Workshop production?

Rick Smith said...

How the hell do you find this crap?