Thursday, March 31, 2011


Awesome times from the get go! I was hoping to start the Acon fun blog edition off with heartwarming photos of old friends well met. But. Yeah. Weather in my favoritest state of our great union, Florida, is affecting flights all over the board. Instead you get a photo of a giant reptile trying to open doors so that it can better eat cats. It does this because all the homeless people it normally eats tend to carry unbreakable plastic Vodka bottles and makes it sick.

So I sit in the airport and wait and watch the flight delay grow and wave goodbye to my connecting flight and the all good times this time drain is gobbling up. Yay! Florida +1!

See, it's a great place to be. Abuela agrees. (also iPhone wants to turn the word Abuela into Whirls reeeeeeeally badly. ) The only positive, is that this here phone bloggy app is working pretty well.

- Acon 2011 fun blog edition.


Rick Smith said...

What is Acon? And why are you flying to Florida?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to think the gator is urinating on the doorstep as a prelude to a good ol' ring-and-run.

"High five, Russell!"

Murphy said...

Adepticon Lobot,also clearly all flights pass thru the wang!

saffrons12 said...

This hurts me to the core that you would post a "GATORS SUCK" photo. Really and truly. I graduate in 4 weeks from that great institution in the Florida swamps and it really pains me to see such vitriol. Booo. Don't hate on Florida... you'll probably end up here in 40 years.

sandicents said...

That's exactly how I remember Florida. Home sweet home!

J. Philip Foley said...

'Tis the name of that thar blarg app and where be me list of drawly thingies for me to do fer ya?

..said the drunken goon pirate