Sunday, December 5, 2010


Not too much of the zombie outbreak was explained, as most of the facts were fuzzy and the dude didn't know what he was doing. The rest of the world is still a large enough mystery since the power/communication gird went down and no one seems to know what the deal is anywhere. The CDC exploded and is gone. No goofy new plot lines were developed. The cast has been whittled down to the canon group, with the welcome bonus of Darryl. The whisper thing was lame, but is easy enough to puzzle out if you think about it. Merle is still running around and will most certainly be back as an evil d-bag. Essentially, they built themselves a big fat reset button so that come second season they can plot a decent story arc or two. Smart move? However, the ending didn't really leave any openings or tantalizing bits to get you stoked for more, besides basic survival. Ya know? It could theoretically just end here with a well placed "and there were nooooo survivors".

Switching to something that should've ended a long while back, but like a stubborn zombie keeps lurching forward - I leave you with this balsphemous nightmare that aired tonight.


"The Devil" said...

Yep. Blood tests can reveal many things worth whispering about. I was worried ass-swell, but they managed to keep things in control. All in all, I think they did a good job. Now, bring on Breaking Bad!

JakeLandis said...

All and all a pretty rad show. I had the same reservations about episode 5. In the end they didn't give any too much or blow the whole nut. I'm also pretty excited that next season will be a full 12-13 episodes.

Chris Horse said...

I have never read the comics, so it was all new to me.

It was all good. Need more!

Even my "Never watch horror" wifey watched it. That's saying epic volumes worth.

Fiend Without A Face said...

Whaaaaaaaaaaaa? How have you never read the comics, Go-go?

Goat said...

I am late to the party with the comics as well, although I had a fight with my DVR and also haven't managed to see the show, but that's not what's important here, at least to me.

The fact that people are still getting paid to make new episodes of The Simpsons makes me sad. Not as sad as the episodes themselves these days, but sad nonetheless.

Dot said...

I liked in the news that people have actually talked to the CDC to make sure it won't blow up if it loses power.

I'm gonna have to ask my brother about it, as he now works for the CDC, not in atlanta, but in Wisconsin as part of the emergency response team stuffs. He says it's mostly writing reports and doing studies. I'm gonna have to ask him about the possible zombie plans. He's got to have one... I'll make him have one.

So far I've enjoyed it, and I haven't read the books, I was worried that they were going to give too much away and write themselves into a whole. They need to work out complete story lines, not a bunch of "if we get the money, we'll have them do this stuff" no, not of that garbage, a real story line. As much as I hate 24, at least they have the season planned out. I don't think Heroes had a clue what to do after their first season, just like Twin Peaks, everything awesome, then body jumping psychic killer guy. screw that, I want the dude who likes pie running around in the woods getting dreams about backwards speaking midgets talking about gum.

Honestly, you can't ask for more than that.

FaceMeltingDesigns said...

I didn't read the comics either. I didn't even know they were comics till I read this. I'm just glad they didn't kill all the black people in the finale.

I don't give a fuck, if I do it's "fuck you," runnin' through these hoes like Maurice Jones-Drew.

Chris Horse said...

I read substantially far less comic-fare here than most everyone. It may be months or even years before I set foot in a comic shop. So that period that The Walking Dead began appearing in print was one of my hiatuses.

By the time I actually saw the Walking Dead graphic novels in a store it was amidst a cacophony of other zombie-related titles, including Marvel's giant zombie crossover binge.

I dismissed them (and all the other zombie stuff) at the time.

It wasn't until the rumors of the series began that I began to understand how well loved and received The Walking Dead actually was. A local buddy has every graphic novel to date so I'll have to borrow them from him at some point.