Monday, December 13, 2010


I've been told to go check out this place up the road by Jess2 and her knowledgeable beerman. It's like a whole 3 miles away - which is light years in this town. So I've been going instead to the one that's 2 miles away. But I was driving back from some coupon fueled errand (how does Michael's stay in business?) and saw the neon lights beckoning, so I swerved in for a looksee.

Hoooooooooooray. Place is loaded. Isles of crazy stuff. Coolers of good stuff. Mountains of crap stuff. The rest of the place is an alcoholics delight as well. Plus there's a can and bottle collection thingie attached. So in the parking lot I get to dodge station-wagons full of bottles and cans that are driven by hobos (all the windows are broken).

Also there's a special isle for Stuspengy.

"Oh, so Anchor Steam in in San Fran huh? Neat."


Goat said...

Did you plant a flag when you discovered it? I would like to see this "Beerland" someday.

Rick Smith said...

Can you send me a "care package"?

Patrick said...

Is that Yankee Spirits? They rule.

Ack Ack Ack said...

A: No care packages! You must be present for all care packages!

B: Yankee yessir! Carded!

C: Exclamation!

FaceMeltingDesigns said...

I've got a boner.

Fiend Without A Face said...

Goddamn you. I hate you so much right now.


- Dumpster Baby Designed Only for Hammer Fighting

Jeff said...

Yankee Spirits is f'ing awesome.