Monday, November 29, 2010


250 posts of junk! What a run!
Yes, I will continue to call out useless milestones.
They make me feel good inside. Onwards>>

Recently, I managed to:
A: Find my stupid paint tray thing.
B: Paint models using it, as opposed to stacking crap on it to collect dust.

As a certain giant nerd tournament approaches, I've been tossed back into the potential throes of my accursed addiction - painting stupid lil' mans and growing my back hump further. I'm currently in mental preparation for building an army from scratch and painting it in, more than likely, a last minute marathon. So, to ease back into things with the most minimal of effort, I shipped some totally unrelated 20mm models off to friend for painting! Woooo cash rules!

Then I got off my butt, due to guilt, and painted 26 of my 20mm Germans that have been in a near state of completeness for years now. These will complement the ones I sent out nicely. The fun thing about this batch is that they were guinea pigs of sorts. I picked up a can of this insta-shade stuff for near to nothing the other day. People claim to have painted entire armies in a weekend - with decent results - using the stuff. All you have to do is lay down a decent, neatly executed basecoat. Then just dip 'em and wait. I've been quite dubious of the technique for years, but gave it a swing on my tiny Germans. You can see them crummily photgraphed "pre-dip" above and "post-dip" below.

Much to my surprise it worked out great. Saved me hours of pain. I will be using it for just about all my smaller scale (below 20mm) needs in some form. It really did do a super job of shading. Though going forward, brighter colors will be needed for basecoats, since the shading does knock the colors down a bit.


Chris Horse said...


Fiend Without A Face said...

What, you didn't run out and buy the new plastic one, complete with fat thigh contours?

I am surprised that you have finally stepped to dipping, especially after knowing certain proponents of the technique. That being said, nothing is done for me unless it has like seven washes of Badab Black or Devlan Mud.

JakeLandis said...

Jakey's poor germans. Only their bases remain.

Murphy said...

Donnelly and I were talking about this army painter stuff over Turkey Dayz. It saddens me to see you and he finally in agreement about something.

Ack Ack Ack said...

GOGO: Kettle, black.

STUSPENGY: I never truly dipped anything - ie broke out the pliers - it was all brushed on, like a wash. I'm very surprised as well.

JAKEY: It had to happen eventually.

MURPHY: It's more like a wash than dip. For smaller scale stuff it's acceptable. Honestly, your entire legion of 20mm Germans (even that Gauss gun!) would really look nice after a careful wash of the stuff. Donnelly is in fact, correct.

Murphy said...

Slander not the Gauss cannons of the Third Reich! Das Vonder Veapons are beyond your feeble comprehension!

sandicents said...

yeah shortcuts make me feel guilty. like I'm going going behind the back of some artistic spirit and stabbing it. But then I think... most artistic processes are shortcuts. unless you paint with your fingers.

Fiend Without A Face said...

Application might be different, but the theory is the same. Base color, tone, done.

Anonymous said...

"like I'm going going behind the back of some artistic spirit and stabbing it."

Sounds like what I saw you doing last night, except to hideous spider creatures instead of artistic spirits.