Thursday, January 7, 2010


Man, I'm hungry. I have 99 cents, but how do I unravel this riddle? Ah!

There can be no future high point in print advertising. Ad execs everywhere are packing their suitcases full of money and getting out while the gettin's good. The daring concept of merging a fictional eccentric 1880's detective with the modern 7-11 staple roller food product known as "Taquito" (which look like what I imagine the inside of a yellow tabby cat's tail to be filled with - tasty red or yellow tinged vittles) PLUS an infintely clever phrase relating to said detective AND facilitating awarness for a jillion dollar holiday blockbuster ON TOP of the fact that this ad was placed just above a gas pump emitting the delicious, "hey, you getting hungry?" perfumed fumes of petroleum ALONG with a nice price with really small writing no one can read beneath the nice price is beyond our current abilities as humans.


Anonymous said...

Those "eat by squeeze"-meat tubes are dying to have someone spray paint an 'M' over the 'H' in "Hunger."Bonus points if this billboard were in view of a cemetery.

Jessica said...

While I was writing my fancy food porn post, you were writing about taquitos.

I think this is what makes our relationship work.

Coach Cohen said...

I vote for an all 7-11 meal next trash movie night.

Anonymous said...

the marketing worked though. not only did you read the stupid thing but took a picture and put it on your blog. Now I am hungry for a taquito.