Friday, November 20, 2009


For Murphy.

Ball in.
And down.
Misses 17, through to Henry.
Uh oh, might pass the end line!
I'll use my patented "4th foot" to set this right!
There we are.
Nice set up now.
And cross to 5.
Put a head on it.
We're off to Africa! Thanks 4th foot!

And with that, France boots out the Irish from World Cup dreams. Pretty sad way to get in to the cup. Cheating/BS handball shenanigans in the freakin' wild card series? I don't think Henry cheated on purpose per se, but damn, he shoulda walked into that goal, told his teammates to stop running around like a legit goal happened, handed the ball to the Irish keeper, and said "my bad."

Well, I know who I'll be double cheering against come this Summer. Here's to an early defeat!


Murphy said...

I would just like to say that FIFA blows and have gone out of their way to ensure France would be in the world cup next year (may have something to do with both FIFA and UEFA being run by douchebags, sorry I mean Frenchmen) for christ sake they seeded the wild card draw for the 1st time ever and this rule change was made in the middle of the fuckin tournie! And France still needed to wear the swindle mittens to not cock it up!
The FIFA motto is "Fair play for All" total crock of shit. The next time Germany invades those fuckers (which will happen) I'm all for sauerkraut being the new hot shit in Paris...

I'm throughly gutted/shattered I haven't felt this bad since John Terry slipped on a banana peel in Moscow.

The part Triple Ack neglected to inform you was this travesty took place in the 2nd period of overtime...a mere 7 minutes from penalty kicks. Only compounding my agony.

I have been drunk since weds afternoon with no plans to stop, as I know no other way to cope...

Chris Horse said...

I miss soccer.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That sucks. It would've been cool if Thierry's 3rd leg kicked-in the winning goal...but to use the upside-down foot is sadder than a lonely ├ęclaire singing through muffled whimpers behind a glass case to a little girl with a drooping red balloon and a handful of too-few francs...and her mother doesn't love her.

Another instance where Dune's box of infinite hand pain should be invented. Perhaps the miniaturizing of the Large Hadron Collider will lead to this creation.

Yellow card...yellow card...hand in the box.

Come summer, I wonder if we'll get to see what Thierry's achilles tendon looks like, flapping about on the pitch.

Though, technically, the ref should hold hands with Thierry in the box of pain.

Ack Ack Ack said...

Screw putting hands in the Dune Pain Box, stuff their dongs in there.