Friday, November 20, 2009


Here's three stupid videos to close out my Devo week.

First one is all about two things that are on my mind alot. The headgear at the end makes me want to glue a power dome to my helmet. Not thinking of buying a Honda scoot anytime though. They scream 80s at undesirable decibels. But maybe that's rad. So torn.

Kids and whips! Strange that they left out the part from the original video wherein the one cowboy dude grabs a chick and bangs her in the cabin. May have slipped their minds. But, they got the cream part in there.

And lastly, a sad piece of YouTubery. Whip It Unplugged, Trailer Parked, and Ukulele-ized. He just keeeeeeps going. And then freestyles a bit. Then his hat falls off. The batman figures on his wall growl their displeasure.


Murphy said...

The 3rd video made my day.

Folks that wear class rings are awesome!

Chris Horse said...

We used to burn plastic scooters, especially Hondas, as an offering to the Vespa gods at bike rallies.

They burned real good.

Chris Horse said...
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Anonymous said...

I found myself wanting a holographic projector on the hood of my civillac to project Mr. 'Ukulele Whip It' as a hood ornament. "Rollins Band aggressive rush hour" would become "Devo Happy Fun Driving Time."

At 1:28, I believe he pronounces the phrase 'Hwip it.' But, hwatever. He rocks good.