Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Found the local Ollie's. I guess every state/region has one of these. This one is called the Job Lot. A place laden down with so much random crap that it hurts the soul a little bit and takes a few minutes to take in. Just piles of discarded/rejected shit, horribly colored furnishings, castoffs, and sub-quality items. I declared it the colon of capitalism and was immediately at peace. Let the adventure shopping commence.

I was looking out for bargains! So bargains I must find! I found only a few bargains! I left behind the solar lawn ornament with a glowing red orb that I deemed the Eye of Sauron! I narrowly avoided the overflowing aisle of "as is" detrius! Here are 2 things I managed to photo as the mutants around me stared in awe at my magic!

This stitched wall scroll was a dollar. I didn't buy it, despite it featuring 3 dogs that my friends own. But I almost did.

And this here shower curtain reeks of class. I mean, if I were a rich fuddy duddy, there'd be no other item I would want surrounding me as I wash off the sweat from a jaunty hunt. Luckily it's part of a design collection, so if I wanted to, I could have the entire bathroom filled with the same awesome image. It was next to another shower curtain featuring turkeys and some shotguns.

I'll be back Job Lot. You amuse me.


Chris Horse said...

Ollies is a boon for books. Who knew?

I've been able to purchase incredibly expensive history books, biographies, and graphic novels for pennies on the dollar.

It can't be beat for kid's books.

Also good for throw-away carpets.

What frightens me is they sell food. Yea... it's canned, but still.

Also found it can be good for old computer shit. Need an old style serial printer cable? Yea, they've got 20 mint, in box.

Murphy said...

I would like that shower curtain for my birthday...please.

Murphy said...

I'm now the proud owner of said shower curtain. FUCK YEAH!!!