Friday, October 7, 2011


No nonononono I see what you did there. Turns out comic book based shows can make make crazee ca$$$$h, and AMC has been making the big networks look bad. So, we'll grab a comic property of our own (Fables) and let it sit forever while we decide whether to do this or not. But wait, said comic is based on public domain figures you say? Hmmm, let's just grab the ideas, slap some LOST writers on it, not pay the original writer, and do this on our own! Hey, we did LOST, remember?

Basically, talent would have to be paid accordingly. Which is so 1960. Sooooo ABC would rather make up their own version (now with shitty LOST Easter Eggs!) of the story with characters that are already public domain than have to pay for any Fables talent. Plus they have complete control to stuff LOST bullshit in there as they please. Here's to riding the LOST train into the ground. Wheeeeeeooooooooo!

I'm hoping/guessing 6 episodes, canceled, and no lesson learned - instead of acknowledging/paying for talent and having something potentially great. Excellent job asshats.

Fuck. You.


Anonymous said...

At some point I thought J.R. was going to pop-up, look into a mirror and shuffle around to the Dallas theme song. But that could only happen if my eyes weren't clouded with vomit. It's also rendered unlikely because "Dallas" is also being remade for TV in 2012. I hope Febreze comes-out with an ocular air freshener by then 'cause ol' blue eyes is 'bout to go green with bile.

Goat said...

I was kind of mystified when I saw the first promo for this steaming pile. Hollywood wins again! (And by "wins" I mean "licks the underside of the bottom of the barrel.")

But why you heff to be so mad at Lost?

Chris Horse said...

lulz, u mad bro?

Just look on the bright side. Now that ACTA has been signed, your tax dollars go to having Homeland Security making sure this new show doesn't get pirated!

Hav3a gud d4y!!!11111

sandicents said...

oh god! how does this even get green lightied? How does it pass through the endless stages of production, and get approved and approved and approved...?
I'd say they're making fools of themselves except that pumping out bad programing is the status quo in hollywood.
No one will remember this in a year but the people who got totally screwed over by it.

Ack Ack Ack said...

The anger is not really directed at Lost per se. It got caught in the crossfire.

It's about the lame idea that seeding this stupid show with Easter Eggs that originate from a successful show like Lost. This is done on the 2 pronged hope that it will drag in more viewers as well as the starving Lost fanatics who hope in their secret places that these hidden items might tie back into the Lost mythology somehow.
Ya, know, really milk that sucker good.

I HEFF TO BE MAD! But start to calm down when I hear that hockey guy speak.

Chris Horse said...

LOST can go die in a giant fucking fire. That finale was the most bullshit of bullshit that was ever shit out of a bull.

My hatred for it burns with fury of 10 billion supernovas (that's a lot).

Chris Horse said...

In fact, when JJ got tired of being ragged on about and in a fit of anger posted a pouty, "You think you can do better?" online I wrote him back and told him, "Yes I could have written a better ending while being ass raped by an elephant."

Haven't heard back from him yet.