Wednesday, September 21, 2011

When it came time for pops to buy a meat grinder due to dissatisfaction with standard store bought ground beef - he went for the top shelf. The Turbo shelf. The same shelf that now holds his Ferarri wine bottler as well as the STX TURBOFORCE.


Subway Justice said...

Do the graphics explode off the box like the film MEGAFORCE? They look they should.

Chris Horse said...

What happens you feed a human arm in there?

Just curious.

Ack Ack Ack said...

Sloppy Joes?

Anonymous said...

I have created a grinder that lives in a purple velvet box. I set the box to rest under the moonlight. By morning, when the white wolves have bayed-off into the celestial mists, I retrieve the purple velvet box.

I unclasp the silver latch.

Velvet and steel whisper as they disrobe.

I throw aside my cloak, crack my knuckles and pluck the first grinding gear from off my belt: The Coffee Grinder.

I grind with an accelerating satisfaction, the knowledge that more grinding is yet to come, grinding...of a most masterful nature.

Eyes electric and fingers now tingling, I exchange the coffee grinding gear with a fine-toothed bacon grinding gear; for you see, I powder my jet black moustache with the power of bacon dust.

It makes me feel alive.

Flashes of steel, sparks of light as gear passes gear from my belt of delights.

Coffee begets bacon, then mimosas with shaved ice. Burgers follow salad shooting then it's organ grinding 'til night.

The organ music parts the mist; and wakes the wolves unseen. I lick my 'stache and give a wink, my grinding gears are now clean.

Back in the velvet, an aura now hushed, as the clasp gives promise for keeping. I fade away as the wolves circle round and I dream of grinding while sleeping.

-Magic Grinding Man Jr.

Chris Horse said...

The secret is in the meat!

Anonymous said...

I've got a real good eye for prime meat. Runs in the family.

Anonymous said...

Epic meat grinder.