Friday, October 7, 2011


No nonononono I see what you did there. Turns out comic book based shows can make make crazee ca$$$$h, and AMC has been making the big networks look bad. So, we'll grab a comic property of our own (Fables) and let it sit forever while we decide whether to do this or not. But wait, said comic is based on public domain figures you say? Hmmm, let's just grab the ideas, slap some LOST writers on it, not pay the original writer, and do this on our own! Hey, we did LOST, remember?

Basically, talent would have to be paid accordingly. Which is so 1960. Sooooo ABC would rather make up their own version (now with shitty LOST Easter Eggs!) of the story with characters that are already public domain than have to pay for any Fables talent. Plus they have complete control to stuff LOST bullshit in there as they please. Here's to riding the LOST train into the ground. Wheeeeeeooooooooo!

I'm hoping/guessing 6 episodes, canceled, and no lesson learned - instead of acknowledging/paying for talent and having something potentially great. Excellent job asshats.

Fuck. You.