Friday, June 26, 2009


Oh, man, bag toss is funny enough, but cornhole is way better. I remember seeing this game being actively played and advertised on a college campus when I went out to visit the E-dogg a few years back in Ohiiiiiiiiiiiiahhhhh. Go laugh at the site and it's giant images of bag tossing and cornholing.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


You either love or hate these things. I obviously love them to death and wish I could devote my life to making them and get paid. There are so many ytmnd "Fads" out there and one of them is the famous Lil' Mac training sequence from the NES Punch Out. Makes me giggle every time. The music from the bit is burned into my brain from playing the hell out of the game and now I can never hear it the same way again. Here's a slew of some of the better ones I dug up. Note, these all have sound and stuff:

Here are a pair that actually took time and skill to put together as well as twist the joke in a clever direction.

Finally, here's what we all were thinking, even at age 9, about just what Doc was up to between the rounds with an exhausted Lil' Mac...


Just a quick bit to say thanks to all the folks that attempted to phone my potential corpse last night.

Italian class pretty much took out any chance of us being on or near the metro wreck. So, hooray for foreign languages. Now we just hafta figure out a reliable way to get to work and stuff since it's all kablammo in the area at the moment. Current solution is me=Vespa, Jess=stay at home.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Because last I checked, the entirety of the Republican base and the majority of the country was shoving hot pokers up Obama's ass, even before he got elected, for saying that he'd be up for having talks with Iran. Ya know, diplomacy. Why? Because it's a nation of terror and Jew hating awesomeness - all of them! But, now that freedom has magically sprung up overnight and some innocent lady dies on tape for the world to see, Iran is cool and Republican jerks are super best friends with Iran and Obama is an asshole.

Apparently the entire country of Iran isn't in fact filled with terrorists, genetically enhanced muslim death squads, Menorah bustin' goons, or American hating fucknuggets that want to rape our children in the night with gigantic eggplants - as previously put forth for years by the fearmonger machine of the right wing. Sure they've their share of dangerous nutjobs. But have you looked around the US as of late? Nutjobs are everywhere.

Basically it turns out Iranians are just fucking people. Wow. They have people in the middle-East? I thought they were all pretty much muslim terrorist robots or simply part of a rampant mummy problem. And these people have been there for years? Really? They haven't just popped up just over this past week? Oh, my head is spinning with the revelations! Zoinks!

So, now the Republican base is up in arms and demanding that we have to go help them and support freedom! Send lawyers, guns and money! America-world-police are go!

The fuck? Really?

Let's go back to the glorious year 2000. Our very own nation (yes, the infallible USA) had a rather fucked and suspect election. One that was decided by the courts. Go Democracy. What if France was like "Hey, you guys should stop counting votes and hanging chads and grow up." or Germany was like "Hey, why do you even bother with elections?". The shitstorm would have been epic. Someone else would DARE tell the USA how to conduct its business and get away with it? Oh, shit no.

Same applies here you douche bags. Let it play out. It's not like there isn't enough broke ass shit in our own country to fix and thousands of people don't have jobs or healthcare. And calling another country's election system a farce is fucking hilarious to the extreme. We still use an electoral college which was designed mainly because FUCKING ROADS HAD NOT BEEN INVENTED.

Douche bag super quote of the week, from some wheezebag named Bill Bennett on CNN:

“We are last best hope on Earth,” “He is the President of the United States. If he will not side with these young people against a religious autocracy that is beating the hell out of people, what is the point of being the moral leader of the free world?”

Oh man, so much comedy in there. Pure gold.

Sorry. Rant over. Regularly scheduled posts of mindless content to follow.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


If you travel to Florida's Capital, you'll find the lovely Capitol Building. It is shown here. How fitting that the most dongtastic state in the US is governed from an equally dong-like building which at one point was run by a complete and total dong.

This was brought o my attention via The Bugle, a wonderfully Britishy podcast you can find here or in iTunes. It features John Oliver in the US and Andy Zaltzman in the UK. I dunno, John Oliver can do no wrong in my eyes. He's got a crazy impish quality about him and is always Daily Show gold. His co-talker dude can spew the most amazing paragraphs of well thought out BS, which often seem for a mere moment like it may actually be true, but certainly isn't - that it hurts the brain. In conclusion, fuck Florida.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Deal with the double negative folks because the 4 images here multiply the double and transform (hahah ahha haa oh my god) it into a octuplet sized negative. A black hole of comedy if you will.

This stuff always brings the mirth to my brain. Well loved cardboard is fashioned by hopeless cases into some semblance (in their creator's eyes) of their most beloved toy robot cartoon character. Then they parade about in cardboard fail boxes and demand photos be taken at Cons in vain hopes that some hot chick is underneath that Arcee costume (it's a dude, dude). It's simply that "step too far".

Anyway, please continue to do what you do best Transformer Cosplay tards, because it is a wonderful service to humanity in that:

1: You provide thousands with amusement.
2: You promise an end to your particular genepool.

Yes, I'm judging these people because they dress up like stupid fucking toys.