Friday, January 8, 2010


Today, he appeared once more. Without me even attempting to look for him. (As is Harold's way.) It broke me. What demographic, spending habits, previous crimes, movie rentals, snooty beer preference, level of love for ROM The Space Knight, salary band, or credit score do I possess that has led to him haunting my daily internet voyages? Gah.

So, I hit tapped Photoshop to help release my perplexed energies. 40 mins later, I have the garbage strewn before your eyes below. Here's what Harold's might be planning to do next!
Kick it at the con in his sweet cardboard Tau outfit.

Stomp some cities at the local MonPoc Tournament.

Hang out and scare children with his buddy Gary Busey.

Read to his kid in complete fuzzy comfort.

Plug his latest Infomercial.

Practice his ability to mess up the Metro schedule and close doors on puppies.

Pop it to lock it.

Put some time into his American hot dog cart.

Visit the Jersey shore for a wet and wild time.

Work out his inner redneck.


Become a Mechwarrior.

Float in his badass floatin' chair and eat whatever ambles by.

Sell some T-shirts.

Eat some bread with flesh jam.

Appear in toast.


Chris Horse said...

You are your own photoshop contest.

Who needs friends?

Ack Ack Ack said...

Sometimes. It gets lonely.

Unknown said...

Holy wow.
This entry is up there with Catmageddon.

Wordo said...

Does Tau Harold know Tron Guy?

I can't believe Stu didn't have any entries.

Also, Harold reminds me of Curren for some reason...

Coach Cohen said...

If you're talking about his mad breakdancing skills and ability to appear on toast, then yes, I agree.

Here, I saw this for you. It should deal with any pesky femurs.

Murphy said...

There is a striking resemblance between Harold and everyone's favorite cutlery specialist...

Ack Ack Ack said...

Perhaps only in the fact that Harold is getting thrashed in a game of MonPoc.